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Healing Stones

Healing Crystals and Gemstones

Agate :  Protection, Calming, courage,

Aqua Aura Quartz:  Opning intuition, clanzing aura, enhances the light body, calming,


Fire Agate:  Active and make healthy life. Spirit keep young. Skin and eyes are brighter.

Amber:  Good luck, success, dissolve negativity, healing for joint, teeth pain, spleen, kidney


Amazonite:  Clearing, detoxifying, uplifting; protects against electromagnetic pollution, soothing,  balancing

Amethyst:  Divine guidance, spiritual knowledge brought into clear conscious thought

Amethyst Stalactite:  Amethyst and stalactites is very rare and hence this stone is found only in few places in the world. It takes millions and millions of years to form this precious stalactites stone. The unique core of agate encrusted with gorgeous purple pointed crystals makes an impeccable amethyst stalactites stone. ​Good for meditation

Aqua Aura Quartz:  Gold coated quartz; soul healing and reintegration,freeing from limitations; manifesting highest spiritual potential


Aqua Obsidian:   Health and Healing, calm feelings of anger and frustrationtion; protect against negativity, love, Finance & Prosperity

Aqua Blue Obsidian:  Healing pain, the digestive system and throat area problems. Cooling effect on your body. Bringing cool-headed clarity, calmness, and grounded and courage. Managing conditions like dementia, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer.
Removing blockages and enhancing your communication skills.


Aquamarine:  Higher consciousness, washing away of stress and fear, peace and tranquility, take off negative​ dark vibrations 


Aventurine:  Heart chakra, sense of confidence, optimistic outlook


Black Tourmaline:  Talisman of protection, protect negative energy, purifying and neutralizing from bad energy

Green Aventurine:  Physical healing and body purification; releases toxins and disharmonious energies; prosperity and new beginnings


Calcite:  Increases and amplifies energy,excellent healing also distance healing,learning abilities

Carnelian:  Revitalizes; relaxes mind, emotions; enhances mental clarity, links aspirations, life path

Chalcedony:  Promotes brotherhood, good will, absorbs negative energy, assists thought transmission and telepathy

Charoite:  Healing fear, love energy, learning from past life, Crown and heart chakra


Chrysocolla: Calming, strrengthen the body, clarity mind, decrease nervousness

Chrysoprase :  Activate !st and 4th chakras. Healing negative relationships and emotions. a strong detoxifying for mind and body. Also  preventing bad energy. Enhancing honest, love, forgiveness,tolerance, compassion, development, personality, and happiness.

Healing depression and anxiety.  
Lead for deep meditation level. It help for spiritual transformation and purification.

Citrine:  Allows progression to next level of being; unwinds tension and increases flexibility;,opens inner hearing

Dumortierite Quartz:  Encourages receptivity to angelic and spiritual guides; helps in identifying and releasing past life causes of disease, difficult circumstances and relationships


Fluorite:  Spiritual and psychic development, protection, and brings peace.Spiritual guide, peacefulness    


Herkimer Diamond:  Strong power and balancing body, out of the body travel, communicating with other planes


Hematite:  Root chakra, good for stress or anxiety,

Hemimorphite :  Effect to 4th, 5th and 6th Chakras. Improved intuition and spirituallty. Connect theworld and Universe. Enjoy love and happiness.

Howlite:  Awareness,wisdom, attunement from the Higher Self and the Divine.


  chakras  Healing, physical healing, emotional healing,balanching energy

Iolite:  Detoxification, support pituitary energy, intuition, spirit trip, balancing body & astral body

Jade:  Good luck, third eye chakra, prosperity and abundance, insightful energy,  peace and purity within the mind


Jasper:  Protection and useing in rituals of the shamanic traditions.  Helping with the connection to a totem or animal spirit.  A healing especially of stomach ulcers.


Kyanite: Throat Chakra, good speaker, effect aura, telepathic power, healing energy

Labradorite:  Mystical and protective bringer of light, deflects unwanted energies from the aura, aligns physical and etheric bodies,  stimulates intuition and synchronicity

Throat Chakra, 
Lapis lazuli:   Harmonizing and bonding heart and mind for greater understanding of emotions, empowers the visioning and living of dreams; opens third eye and throat chakras


Larimar:   Also called "Atlantis Stone", ancient mythical energy, water connection,anxiety and emotional balance, healing from guilt and bad thoughts, healp for communication, 3rd chakra

Magnesite:  Removal west material, enhance cells, get rid of fatigue, balancing body and mind, creative imaginations, clarity mind

Malachite​:  Transformation. balancing pure love , protection, spiritual evolution,gentleness of the heart

Moonstone:  Nourishes and strengthens the aura, promoting youthfulness, strengthens immune and lymphatic systems, increases flexibility and muscle strength


Obsidian:  Makes it easier of  hard energy, root chakra, cutting the stress and negative patterns,absorbing that toxic energy

Peacock Ore/Bornite:  Opening psychic abilities and enhancing inner knowing; helps to send and receive distant healing


Pearl:  Purity and honesty; innocence; tranquillity; focus and meditation; integrity; wisdom

Peridot:  Spiritual energy, physical and emotional healing, cleansing hurt feelings,letting go of guilt

Prehnite:  Unconditional love; enhances inner knowledge; spiritual growth


Pyrite:  Metaphysical treasure of attracting wealth, abundance and good luck,protective energy. 

Quartz:  Attracts life force from within and brings it to the physical world;  nourishes and balances mind, body and emotions and corrects colour ray imbalances

Rhodonite:  Unconditional Love, Healing relationships,Union

Rose Quartz:  For the chest region, including heart and lungs; deep purification of the emotional body; dislodges suppressed and unacknowledged feelings; helps relieve emotional causes of physical illness

Rudraksha: Holy, good for prayer, meditation focus

Rutilated Quartz:  Psychic power, clear thinking, see visions and thoughts, give passion, intuition

Smoky Quartz:  Healing for emotional and physical body, spiritual energy

Sodalite:  Calmness, cleaning up electromagnetic energy,emotional balance and healing


Tanzine Aura Quartz:  Energy enhancement, multidimensional pasts healing,protecting radiation


Tiger eye:  Focused, determination, patient

Tourmaline:  Black tourmaline protects against cell phone electromagnetic smog, radiation, psychic attack and negative energies of all kinds; grounds to the root chakra; promotes objective thinking with clear, rational thought

Turquoise:  Provides solace for spirit and well being for the body - an efficient healer; helps in exploring past lives and present karma; strengthens meridians of the body and subtle energy fields

African Turquoise:  Open the mind, transformation, attracts money, awaken for the life, good communication

Yellow Opal:  Emotional stability.  It is often used to amplify positive emotions.  It is useful in balancing the crown chakra.

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